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Ending A Marriage Through Dissolution

In Ohio, two options are available for ending a marriage: divorce and dissolution.

The processes involved in these two options are quite different. The biggest distinction is that dissolution requires that the two spouses reach agreements on all matters, from property division to child custody and support, before any documents are filed with the court. Because dissolution relies on agreements, the process tends to be less time-consuming and less expensive than divorce.

At Zachary D. Smith, LLC, our Cincinnati attorney will review your situation to determine whether dissolution is the right path for ending your marriage. If he believes it is, our team will guide you through the process, facilitating negotiations to reach agreements, filing the dissolution petition, accompanying you to the hearing and seeing that your marriage is dissolved and agreements are formalized.

Reaching Agreements In A Marriage Dissolution

While dissolution of marriage does require both parties to reach agreements, doing so may require some negotiation. In divorce, parties benefit from a subpoena power that can compel the other party to turn over information about finances, assets or other details. However, in dissolution, there is no subpoena power during negotiation, so information must be exchanged voluntarily.

That said, parties can retain experts to review and investigate to ensure that their spouse has not overlooked or excluded anything. Simply having a skilled lawyer on your side can prove beneficial in this respect. We have the experience to determine whether something looks inaccurate or incomplete. We know how to ask the right follow-up questions. Once we are confident that we have the necessary information, we will assist in negotiating agreements so the dissolution petition can be filed.

Want To Learn More About Dissolution Versus Divorce?

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