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Trustworthy Probate Counsel And Representation

If you have been named as an executor (personal representative) with the responsibility of settling the estate of a loved one or close friend, you are charged with honoring the wishes of the deceased as expressed in their will. You will also want to administer the estate in a timely manner so that beneficiaries will not have to wait too long to receive their inheritances and so that the process does not consume your life for too long.

Most importantly, you want to fulfill your duties correctly, in full compliance with all laws and expectations associated with taking an estate through probate. At Zachary D. Smith, LLC, we are here to help you efficiently and confidently through all steps of the probate process. We can also help you administer a trust if you are a trustee.

We Will Help You Address And Overcome Challenges

Do not be surprised if the estate administration process is not simple and straightforward. It is common for glitches to arise. A will contest and/or some other type of probate litigation may present difficulties.

In a will contest, someone with an interest in the estate may bring legal action, claiming that the will should be considered partially or totally invalid. They may say the deceased person was not competent or was under undue influence when they signed it. As the executor, you will need legal guidance to address and get past a will contest.

Perhaps you are the one with good reasons to challenge a will. We can help you bring a will contest.

In other types of estate litigation, someone may accuse you, the executor, of breach of fiduciary duty. They may say you have mismanaged the estate. We can defend you.

Or, perhaps you are the family member or a creditor, and you believe the executor is not handling the estate’s assets properly. We can represent you as a plaintiff in probate litigation.

Protect The Legacy Of The Deceased And Your Interests In A Will Contest Or Probate Litigation

Attorney Zachary D. Smith started this law firm with the goal of helping ordinary people solve legal problems. We are here to guide you through the estate administration process and, if necessary, resolve a will contest or probate litigation, regardless of what difficulties stand in the way.

To schedule a consultation, call 513-275-5367 or complete our online form. We are here to help.