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Why Choosing Dissolution of Marriage Might be the Best Solution

No one gets married planning to divorce. However, divorce is the natural end to many marriages. If you are thinking about a divorce, you may be wondering if divorce is right for you. There are a number of situations where a divorce may be the best choice. Below are a few of them.

When you no longer recognize yourself

Every couple changes during the course of a relationship – both together and separately. However, sometimes, one partner to the marriage may find over time they have changed so significantly they no longer recognize themselves. Typically, these changes occur incrementally. However, there can be a cumulative effect wherein one person looks up and realizes they no longer recognize who they are.

When you are no longer happy

Another indication divorce may be the best choice, is when you find yourself being unhappy far more frequently then when you find yourself being happy. No one is happy all the time. However, when you find you spend more of your life feeling miserable then you spend feeling happy, or even okay about your situation, divorce may be the best choice. Other indicators of your unhappiness may include you find yourself dreading the sound of your spouse’s key in the door. Perhaps you find yourself looking forward to business trips away. Perhaps you engage in fantasies about their demise, due to sickness or an accident. These are all clues you should consider significant changes.

For the children

Traditionally, it was believed divorce was bad for children. However, new studies have established children thrive when their environments are filled with love and happiness. Many couples live stressful lives prior to a divorce. The stress is naturally passed on to the children. Rather than subjecting children to the strife that comes with couples that are extremely unhappy with each other, divorce may be a better outcome.

Modeling appropriate behavior

It is important that you model healthy and appropriate behavior for your children. This includes being in relationships that are happy and thriving, and leaving relationships which are negative, or maybe dragging you down. Taking care of yourself teaches your children to take care of themselves.

You find yourself reading blogs on divorce

If you’re reading this it’s possible that you are considering filing for divorce, or perhaps your spouse has already filed for divorce. You find yourself spending time on the Internet looking for reasons why divorce maybe appropriate. If you think divorce is appropriate to the extent you are seeking confirmation, that maybe all you need to know.

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