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Skilled Guidance Through The Divorce Process

Terminating a marriage is a complicated and challenging process. It is a time of uncertainty and incredible change. An experienced family lawyer can help guide you through this process, protecting your interest while helping you begin a new chapter in your life.

I am attorney Zachary D. Smith, a board-certified Family Relations Law Specialist who is skilled at handling all family law matters including simple dissolutions to the most complex divorce proceedings. If you or your spouse is seeking a termination of your marriage, schedule a consultation by calling me at 513-275-1164.

Resolving Divorce-Related Issues

There are numerous things that must be addressed as part of any divorce case. Everyone’s situation is unique, and any resolution will depend on your goals and desires. Every person’s situation is unique, and any resolution will depend on your goals, interest, and desired outcome. I can help identify what is most important to you and work closely with you to help reach an advantageous solution to all matters including: 

Mediation: An Alternative To Traditional Divorce

As a trained family law mediator, I can help explore alternatives to traditionally litigated divorce proceedings. Mediation is often less contentious than a divorce case argued in open court and enables you to decide things on your terms. Of course, if mediation is not the best option for you or you try it and it is not successful, I am ready to pursue all other avenues on your behalf.

Contact Me For The Legal Counsel You Need

I am here to help protect your interests while achieving a successful resolution to your family law issues. To schedule an initial consultation, call me at 513-275-1164. You may also contact me online, and I will respond to your message promptly. My main office is located in downtown Cincinnati. I also have locations in Montgomery and Kentucky to better serve a wide range of clients.