Applying Creativity To Overcome Complexity

Divorce gets complex – a tangle of two lives, varying assets, real estate, investments, emotions. I work creatively to overcome the complexity and find the right outcome for you.

Protecting Your Interests

Your interests and your priorities are specific to you. Your situation comes with its own unique complexities. Addressing them requires care and creativity. The first step in achieving the outcome you want is listening to you and creating a plan of action specifically for your case, based on your priorities.

At the law firm of Zachary D. Smith, LLC, I help people throughout the Cincinnati area with all types of family law issues. Whether you are going through a divorce, need help resolving a child custody or child support dispute, or are facing any other type of family legal matter, you can rely on me to protect your interests and carefully guide you toward your desired outcome.

The Benefits Of A Certified Family Relations Law Specialist

certified specialist

I am a certified family relations law specialist, a designation granted to only a small percentage of lawyers in Ohio. I use my knowledge and experience gained through special training to help find solutions to even the most difficult family law issues.

The Benefits Of A Fellow Of The American Academy Of Matrimonial Lawyers


I am also a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, an organization whose membership is limited to the most dedicated and professional family law practitioners.

Whenever possible, I will help you reach agreements through mediation and collaboration, which is often less contentious than trying cases in court. However, I am always prepared to litigate your case should that approach be necessary for a successful outcome. Through creativity, I am often able to overcome surprising odds to achieve your goals.

Certified Family Relations Law Specialist Serving Cincinnati

I Understand How Divorce Impacts Your Business

Business owners need careful representation through the divorce process. I am ready to lead you through the process of valuing your business and protecting your assets to mitigate the impact divorce can have on your business.

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