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Work With Divorce Appeals Lawyers Led By A Family Relations Specialist

Divorce appeals are much different than litigation in family courts. They’re more challenging, and the issues are often more complex. A good divorce attorney at the trial level isn’t necessarily a good divorce attorney at the appellate level.

At Zachary D. Smith, LLC, our lawyers excel at divorce appeals in Ohio’s appellate courts. Led by a certified family relations law specialist, our team has experience handling complex divorce cases on appeal. We understand what it takes to build and pursue a strong appeal.

Based in Cincinnati, we handle divorce appeals involving:

  • Financial aspects of divorce such as property division, business valuations, income determinations and spousal support
  • Child custody and child support
  • Decisions regarding jurisdiction and venue

What Makes A Good Divorce Appellate Lawyer?

A good appeals lawyer has:

  • In-depth understanding of the Ohio Rules of Appellate Procedure, the Ohio Rules of Evidence and standards of review on appeal
  • Highly honed skills in the areas of legal research, persuasive writing and meticulous editing
  • Experience conducting thorough research to identify, interpret and cite supporting case law, and to anticipate and refute potential challenges to those interpretations
  • The ability to review, analyze and synthesize voluminous trial court records and hearing transcripts
  • The analytical skills to identify the strongest issues and arguments, and to parse out the relevant facts and evidence to support those arguments

When you work with our lawyers, you will have all of these advantages.

Why You Should Hire A Family Law Specialist For Your Divorce Appeal?

Even if you worked with a different attorney during your divorce, it’s wise to enlist a family law specialist for the appeal. Doing so will offer the benefit of a fresh perspective from a lawyer who hasn’t been embroiled in the prior proceedings of your case.

An appellate lawyer will also be more efficient because they understand the nuances of appeals, including relevant law, procedural rules and applicable legal standards. They will know how to avoid common pitfalls. They will possess the specific skillset necessary to be effective on appeal.

Breaking Down The Appellate Process

The divorce appeals process involves:

  • Identifying final appealable orders and filing a notice of appeal within a strict timeframe
  • Preparing briefs and responding to cross-appeals, consolidations and other complications
  • Conducting motion practice, which is much different than at the trial level
  • Adhering to strict requirements regarding briefs and deadlines
  • Appearing before an appellate court panel in oral arguments, if needed

Our attorneys are well-versed in all stages of the process. We will let you know what to expect and keep you informed.

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