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Complex Issues, Creative Probate Litigation Solutions

The legal process of wrapping up a person’s affairs after they pass away can be contentious – especially when that person had many complex and valuable assets. Add surviving family members’ conflicting agendas and wishes to the mix, and things can become messy. 

When issues in the probate and estate administration process bring the process to a halt, intervention from our attorney and staff at Zachary D. Smith, LLC, can get it moving again. We help people in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky find creative legal solutions to resolve disputes effectively. 

Why Do Probate And Estate Disputes Happen?

The more assets and property a person holds, the higher the stakes are in probate and estate administration and the more likely disputes will arise during the process. The issues that our attorney helps our probate litigation clients resolve most frequently include the following:

  • Will disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Trust mismanagement
  • Estate executor wrongdoing
  • Mishandling of assets
  • Misuse of power of attorney
  • Business succession disputes

There are many other problems that can afflict the probate and estate administration process. No matter how complex an estate is or the challenges affecting it, the skilled and experienced legal professionals at Zachary D. Smith, LLC, will always do all we can to help our clients reach a favorable outcome.

Let’s Start Working On A Solution Today

If you are navigating a probate or estate administration issue, don’t let it drag on and fester. Be proactive – reach out to our probate litigation attorney at Zachary D. Smith, LLC, right away. 

We’ll begin with a consultation. We’ll meet you one-on-one to learn about you and your legal problem. Then, we will put our heads together to create a strategy that helps you overcome the difficulties you’re facing and protects your interests. 

To reserve your spot on the schedule, contact our office at 513-275-5367 or send us a message.