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Firm Overview

Hiring a lawyer can feel like you’re putting your future in someone else’s hands. I’m committed to ensuring that my clients are making informed decisions, thoughtfully considering their options, and coming up with solutions that they’re comfortable with. I’ve been practicing law since 2007 and exclusively family law for the last 10 years. During that time, I’ve had the great fortune of representing folks who have complicated familial and financial circumstances. Whether it be a physician within ownership interest in a practice or ancillary business and owner of a multigenerational business, a self-made real estate investor or a business executive. These all have peculiar issues that I’m able to spot, work through and resolve in a way that sets me apart.

I’ve been certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as a family relations law specialist. What this means is that the family relations specialist board approved me to take an examination that I sat for and passed and was then designated a specialist. My clients are folks that expect a few things: a thoughtful and thorough examination of their circumstance, practical solutions, and good service.

Family Law

Being a family lawyer requires a lot. It requires skilled advocacy, problem solving, communication, and creativity on a daily basis. I can think of no other profession that allows you to do that. Something that every client should expect from their family lawyer is communication to assist them in making informed decisions. Divorce or the termination of a marriage is a very uncertain time and being able to identify the problem, possible solutions, as well as probably outcomes gives clients control over that uncertainty.

To be effective, a family lawyer has to have good relationships with allied professionals. Whether they’re financial professionals, like a business valuation, or forensic accountant, a real estate appraiser, a personal property appraiser who knows their way around antiques or guns, or a guardian ad litem, they can really impact the outcome of what is most important to you and I have those relationships.