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Parent Teacher Conferences After Divorce

Fall is upon us and parent teacher conferences are right around the corner. If this is your first conference after the divorce, or if you didn’t find your last experience satisfying, now is the time to start thinking about how you and your ex will handle parent teacher conferences. Here are some approaches to consider.

Set Ground Rules

You know your past communication patterns with your ex. Consider these when planning how you will approach parent teacher conferences.

Joint Conferences

In the best world, both of you will attend the conference together. The focus will remain on the child, the child’s progress in school, and any concerns the teacher may have about your child. Attending conferences together sends a message to both the teacher and the child that you present a unified front when it comes to the child.

One Parent Conferences

It is not uncommon for one parent to value conferences more than the other. In this case, it might make sense for only one parent to attend conferences. Of course, the information gleaned from the meeting should be passed on to the other parent.

Put Technology to Good Use

If you are both interested in attending conferences, but just can’t be in the same room, consider the benefits of technology. Having one parent attend the conferences in person, while the other is on cell phone, Skype, or some other communication may be a good fit for some parents.

Conferences with Both Parents Separately

Some schools (and some teachers) are willing and able to handle meeting with each parent separately. This requires additional time and not all schools will accommodate this. If this seems like the best option for you, it is a good idea to contact the school ahead of time to make sure they are willing to follow this approach.
Of course, if there is a restraining order or no contact order, joint conferences are usually not an option, unless an exception for this has been carved out within the order. In this case, make sure the school knows about the order when requesting separate conferences.

Follow Up

Whether the conference is attended by one or both parents, it is a good idea to set aside some time to discuss what you both learned about your child, their progress, and their needs going forward.

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