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General Guidelines While a Divorce is Pending

If your divorce is pending, there are a few guidelines that you should follow. This is for your protection. Some of these are absolute requirements, and others are simply suggestions, however, it is a good idea to follow these simple rules to avoid problems down the road.

Avoid Social Media

Rarely, if ever, does someone regret not posting some detail or another about their lives on social media. On the other hand, there are plenty of documented cases of people regretting sharing information they, in retrospect, wish they hadn’t. Keep your divorce out of social media accounts. Let it proceed to resolution without public comment. Certainly, you are permitted to speak with friends and family about your situation. There is just no good reason for posting it to the world. Recall, while you may no longer be connected with your soon to be ex on any social media platforms, odds are good that you have some friends or family members in common. You should presume anything you post will be seen by your ex, and your ex’s lawyer. There’s no need to create additional problems by posting something you can’t take back.

Do Not Involve Your Children

Even if your children are grown, they have no place at the table in divorce discussions. Do not involve your children in divorce settlement negotiations or provide them with the intimate details of the demise of your marriage. The interests of your children are best served by letting them know you will always be there for them and will always love them. It is not their job to handle the adult and private concerns surrounding your divorce from their other parent.

Do Not Make Decisions Recklessly

Sometimes a person makes a reckless decision during divorce proceedings, and clings to it beyond all reason. For example, there is only one marital bed. It cannot be divided into two. It cannot be awarded to both parties; hence, being adamant about the bed at the cost of the rest of your divorce settlement, is an example of a reckless decision. This decision may be made in anger, as a response to something unrelated to property settlement or otherwise completely lacking a rational basis. This is one of the reasons you hire an attorney. You need someone who is not emotionally tied to your divorce to consult with you and advise you when you are making reckless decisions.

Considering Divorce?

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