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Back to School: Preparing Your Children for a Successful School Year

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher About the Divorce

Teachers identify divorce as one of the top five major life changes that can be a barrier to a child’s learning. If you have recently separated or divorced, let your child’s teacher know. You don’t have to discuss the details of the divorce. Rather, just let them know your child is going through some changes at home. Make certain your child’s teacher has contact information for both parents.

Make Certain Everyone Is on the Same Page About Parenting Time

Parenting time schedules may change when school starts, or they may remain the same. However, with the added complication of school bus schedules, after school activities and the like, it may take a few weeks for parents and children to adjust to the new schedule. Consider a system that works for your family, depending on the age of your children and the communication level you have with your ex. Whether you use a synced Google Calendar, or have a color-coded hard copy calendar at each house, your system will help the children (and you) know exactly who will be where and when.

Plan for Important Events

Your children will have major projects due, auditions, recitals, school plays, and athletic events. Make a plan for these important events. Consider a joint calendar where both parents can enter information about the children’s events and project due dates. This allows both parents to provide support and assistance.

Make a Plan for Fees

As soon as children return to school, the steady request for school related funds and fees begin. From lunch money to instrument rental to art fees, kids will need money for school related activities. The first step is to check the divorce decree to determine what plans, if any, have been made to address who is responsible for fees. If no plan has been made, consider creating a plan in advance. Some parents agree to start a joint account, where each parent contributes a nominal amount of money each month to cover unexpected fees. Other parents keep an accounting of expenditures, and “settle up” monthly or quarterly. Still other parents simply pay as they go. As with many post-divorce solutions, there is no “right way” to handle school fees. However, making a plan ahead of time about the way your family will handle expenses, regardless of the plan approach, is a good idea.

If You are Considering Divorce

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