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Divorce Experts

In this article we discuss the many reasons why an expert may be needed during the process of divorce.

Property Expert

In many cases, a divorcing couple owns some real property of value. This can include the family home, vacation homes, and rental properties. When dividing assets and debts during a divorce, knowing the actual value, both current and future value, is critical. A property divorce expert can provide valuable insights, which leads to educated decisions about how to divide the assets.

However, property divorce experts are not just limited to real estate experts. If a couple has a gun collection, stamp collection, antiques, jewelry, art, or other valuables, a property expert can determine fair market value. Even if the couple has no intention of selling the asset, knowing how much it is worth allows for educated negotiation of the division of other assets.

Vocational Expert

A vocational divorce expert provides information on someone’s earning capacity, both now and in the future. Particularly in a case where one party stayed home to care for the children, or only worked part time during the marriage, there may be a question about how much training and education a person may need in order to become self sufficient. Vocational experts consider the person’s age, current level of education, training and experience, the labor market, the number of jobs available in the desired industry, and average wages. This type of expert is useful when assessing the appropriate amount of spousal support one spouse should pay to the other.

Child Psychologist and Other Child Specialists

In cases where there are disputes related to child custody and parenting time, child psychologists and other therapist provide valuable insights. A court makes determinations about child custody and parenting time based on the best interests of the child. The court has a host of factors they can consider. The opinion of a child expert can provide valuable information to the court.

Medical Experts

Medical experts may be hired during a divorce, particularly if a child has special medical and/or behavioral needs. Issues such as long term care, the cost of treatments, alternative treatment approaches, and the individual needs of the child can be addressed by a medical expert.

Are You Considering a Divorce?

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