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How to navigate a complex divorce in Ohio

When prominent people divorce, they often need to divide illiquid, inherited, premarital or difficult to value assets. They sometimes face complicated questions of child custody, co-parenting and support. As they resolve these issues, they risk exposure of very personal matters.

At Zachary D. Smith, LLC, in Cincinnati, I have earned a reputation for helping clients resolve complex issues with knowledge, skill and creativity. As a trained family law mediator and board-certified family law relations specialist, I am positioned to protect your assets, your children and your reputation.

Recently, I published a free white paper, “Navigating Complex Divorce: What To Think About When Disentangling A Marriage With Complex Assets,” which presents some important concepts about asset division, custody decisions and reputation management in complex Ohio divorces.

Below is a link to a SlideShare of the white paper, which offers a quick dip into these concepts. Please take a look and then review the full white paper for more detail.