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Protecting your interests in a complex Ohio divorce

Any divorce can be challenging, but there are some that are unusually complex. They may have complicated or unusual assets, intricate child custody issues and a need to protect the parties’ privacy. How do you navigate these complexities and protect your interests?

First, you may have illiquid, inherited, premarital or unusual assets must be characterized as marital or separate property in order to determine if they should be divided at all. Once this process is complete, the marital assets will need to be valued fairly and divided equitably.

Next, you may need to achieve a child custody and visitation arrangement that promotes your children’s best interests. And, you would like to do all this without exposing your personal business to the public.

Free white paper from a board-certified family law relations specialist

At Zachary D. Smith, LLC, in Cincinnati, I have focused much of my practice on helping prominent individuals protect their interests and work toward win-win solutions in complex divorces. I am a trained family law mediator and a board-certified family law relations specialist, and I have been included in the Super Lawyers list since 2015. I have earned a reputation as a skilled negotiator, creative problem-solver and effective advocate.

I understand the financial and emotional “capital” involved in a complex divorce. I work with clients such as executives, business owners, physicians, politicians and other leading people in our community to develop feasible solutions in their divorces. I use a collaborative process that is simpler, less adversarial and more private than a litigated divorce. However, I am also a skilled trial lawyer and will go to bat for my clients in court, when necessary.

My new white paper, “Navigating Complex Divorce: What To Think About When Disentangling A Marriage With Complex Assets,” discusses this process as it applies to the valuation and division of:

  • Complex retirement assets
  • Investment property portfolios
  • Closely-held businesses, business interests and professional practices
  • Profit-sharing plans
  • Stock options and restricted stock units
  • Long and short-term incentive plans
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs or “top hat plans”)
  • Other unusual assets

I invite you to review the white paper to learn more about the process and my practice. The white paper is free to read and download.


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