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Finding Creative Solutions To Divorce Proceedings

A traditional divorce proceeding will pit you and your ex against one another. You will be required to make your case in court and a judge will ultimately decide on important issues concerning child custody, property division and support payments. These types of proceedings may fail to take into account your unique needs and the circumstances surrounding your case. A collaborative law approach, on the other hand, puts you in charge, empowering you and your ex to negotiate on your own terms and to find creative solutions to common divorce issues.

At Zachary D. Smith, LLC, you will work directly with a board-certified family law specialist and trained mediator who can help guide you through the collaborative divorce process. We understand how to effectively negotiate on your behalf and how to find solutions that may not be possible in a divorce case litigated in a courtroom.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

The collaborative process helps to facilitate creative solutions in a number of different ways. The process puts you in control, rather than having a judge and lawyers determine your future. It enables you to focus on your goals and the best way to achieve those goals. The divorce process, although painful, does not have to be ugly. The collaborative approach encourages an environment built on mutual respect, which helps ensure a relatively smooth negotiation process. Finally, you do not have to rely on a cookie-cutter approach. Your family’s unique situation is always kept at the forefront, and we can help you take an approach to negotiations that may not have been readily apparent.


Divorce Does Not Have To Be A Battle.

To find out whether the collaborative divorce process is right for your situation, call us at 513-275-5367 or send us an email.