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Collaborative Divorce: Ending Your Marriage With Dignity And Respect

Divorce is never an easy process, but that doesn’t mean it is to be a combative one. Your marriage is something that was important to you and whenever possible you should acknowledge what brought you together and not what’s forcing you apart. If you and your spouse are able to negotiate agreements through the collaborative law process, you will be able to terminate your marriage with dignity and respect on the way to beginning a new chapter of your life.

As a board-certified family law relations specialist and a member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, attorney Zachary D. Smith, along with other team members at our firm, will be able to offer an opinion as to whether collaborative divorce is right for you.

Reaching An Agreement On Your Terms

The collaborative law process provides you with the tools you need to help resolve your parenting and financial issues on your own terms. This process can be especially useful if you have children, as they can learn a valuable lesson when they see their parents engaging with one another respectfully. This process is largely driven by you and your spouse. Attorneys are there to help facilitate discussion and to assist with negotiations. Conflicts are resolved through problem-solving, with an understanding of each other’s interests and concerns. Taking a dignified and respectful approach to one another allows for constructive solutions that everyone can live with.

A Divorce Does Not Have To End With Winners And Losers

Contact us to learn more about the collaborative law process. We can help you explore your options. To schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer, please call 513-275-5367 or send us an email.