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Seeking Accountability In Misuse Of Powers Of Attorney

When someone gives another person the authority to act on their behalf in highly sensitive areas like their medical care and finances, a betrayal of that trust can be incredibly damaging. Not just to the relationship between those two people but also to the principal’s most crucial affairs. Similarly, being accused of such a breach exposes an agent to liability. 

Our attorneys at Zachary D. Smith, LLC, help principals and agents involved in powers of attorney in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky find solutions to these issues and mitigate the damage of suspected misuse. 

What Are A Power Of Attorney Agent’s Duties?

An agent’s duties vary depending on the type of power of attorney. In a financial power of attorney, the agent is responsible for handling everyday financial needs and managing overall portfolio of assets. Sometimes, people in the military have powers of attorney authorizing a person to make financial decisions for them if they’re deployed overseas.

In a medical power of attorney, the agent is responsible for making health care decisions according to the wishes previously stated or according to their best judgment when no prior guidelines are available.

Some powers of attorney enable a person to make both financial and health care decisions on your behalf. 

Signs Of Potential Misuse Of Power Of Attorney

Misuse of a power of attorney can come in many forms, but it all comes back to ignoring a person’s wishes or abusing their authority in their role. Specific examples of abuse include:

  • Using the principal’s finances for personal gain
  • Making unauthorized medical decisions
  • Transferring a principal’s property into the agent’s name
  • Failing to properly account for expenditures

Many other behaviors could indicate an agent’s wrongdoing. If you suspect power of attorney misuse, consult a lawyer.

Fight Back Against Power Of Attorney Abuse

Whether you have been accused of falling short of your duties or you suspect another person of doing so, legal intervention is crucial. Zachary D. Smith, LLC, is here to help get to the bottom of things. Call our team at 513-275-5367 or reach out online to schedule a consultation.