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What To Know About Property Division Appeals In Ohio

Trial court judges don’t always get it right. They misapply the law, disregard critical facts and make other errors that can significantly impact your property rights and financial interests.

At Zachary D. Smith, LLC, our lawyers handle property division appeals for clients throughout the Cincinnati area. We are led by a certified family relations specialist with extensive experience handling appeals in the Ohio Courts of Appeal as well as the Ohio Supreme Court. Not many lawyers have such a robust practice in appellate work – particularly divorce appellate work. We do.

Valuation Errors

Property division is often the crux of divorce appeals. Although courts are invested with discretion in determining how to equitably divide assets, they must do so on the basis of the evidence – including accurate valuations of the property involved.

For couples with complex assets such as business interests, investments, international assets and multiple real estate holdings, valuation is a pivotal issue that often provides grounds for appeal. It can also be a sticking point in marital estates involving a single-family home. Errors in valuation can have a sweeping effect on the outcome of property division.

Errors regarding property division include:

  • Failure to take into account key evidence such as appraisals or appraiser testimony
  • Acceptance of an objectively inaccurate valuation
  • Reliance on problematic methods for valuation
  • Insufficient evidence of property valuation

Often, there are multiple valuation methods for complex assets in divorce, which can further complicate these issues.

Work With Attorneys Who Understand The Complexities Of Property Division Appeals

Pursuing a divorce appeal can be challenging, particularly when there are complex financial interests at stake. Our lawyers have the skillset it takes to handle these appeals. We can advise you on the strongest grounds for appeal in your case as well as the appropriate timing for pursuing them. We can also defend you if the other side is pursuing an appeal or cross-appeal.

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