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Understanding Divorce Appeals In Ohio

Judges don’t always get it right. In divorce cases – especially those with complex assets and many moving parts – a wrong decision can cost you significant financial interests and shape your future for a long time to come.

Thankfully, the trial court doesn’t always have the last word. When the judge gets it wrong, what are your options?

Challenging A Trial Court Decision On Appeal

An appeal is an avenue for addressing:

  • Misinterpretations or misapplications of the law
  • Rulings that aren’t supported by the evidence
  • Abuses of discretion

To pursue a divorce appeal in Ohio, it’s critical to have an experienced appellate lawyer on your side. At the law firm of Zachary D. Smith, LLC, our lawyers can help you navigate the process. Our lead attorney, Zachary Smith, is an award-winning appellate lawyer as well as a certified family relations law specialist. Together with his team, he represents parties pursuing or defending against an appeal.

A Free Resource On Divorce Appeals

Our lead attorney recently published a free white paper detailing the many considerations that go into pursuing a divorce appeal. Entitled “Divorce Appeals In Ohio: What To Know When The Judge Gets It Wrong,” the paper covers:

  • The court structure in Ohio
  • Which orders are appealable
  • The basics of the appellate process
  • The timing of an appeal
  • What the appellate courts can (and can’t) do
  • Common grounds for appeal
  • How to challenge a magistrate’s order
  • What to look for in an appellate lawyer

Our goal is to equip you with general guidance so that, with the help of a lawyer, you can make informed decisions about your case – including whether to appeal. We invite you to read and download the white paper for free.