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Top 4 Mistakes in an Ohio Divorce

When you decide to end your marriage, you’re probably uncertain of what to do next. Some things are intuitive, like the need to divide property or to divide custody of minor children, but understanding the logistics of how you dissolve your union can be far more complicated.The first and most important thing you will need to do when you’ve decided to dissolve a marriage is to contact a divorce attorney. Getting legal help is imperative because your attorney can help you to avoid problems and pitfalls throughout the divorce process.What happens with your divorce settlement agreement is going to have a major impact on your future. Any mistake during the process can potentially cost you money, property, or parenting time. Zachary D. Smith, LLC will help make certain your divorce goes as well as possible so you can make the best of difficult circumstances and be ready to move on with your life.

A Divorce Attorney in Cincinnati Helps You Avoid 4 Common Divorce Mistakes

Talking with an experienced attorney is essential to avoid a variety of errors that may arise during a divorce, but you should be aware of four of the most common mistakes made when ending a marriage.

  • Letting your anger dictate your divorce outcome: You may be tempted to drag out your divorce or to fight about everything to punish your ex, but that isn’t good for anyone involved, especially if you have children. This action also costs money that should be divided up among you and your ex. By setting aside anger and making clear headed decisions, you will likely have more financial security after the divorce has been finalized.
  • Going to court for everything: You can work with a divorce attorney to try to negotiate a parenting plan for your children and for child and spousal support. Likewise, a divorce attorney can assist you in creating a plan for property division. If you don’t go to court, but rather work collaboratively, you’re likely to end up with an agreement that satisfies all parties involved.
  • Failing to understand what your rights are: A lot of people make incorrect assumptions about their rights. You may assume your ex will get to keep more property if he earned more or that your former wife will get custody of the kids because she was their primary caretaker. Don’t assume anything without consulting with an attorney. Without first knowing your rights, you may be sacrificing what you are entitled to by law.
  • Not properly addressing marital debt: You need to determine which spouse is going to be responsible for paying back which debts you owe. It is also important to know that a creditor can still consider you responsible for debt you co-signed for—even if your divorce agreement says your ex is supposed to be paying it. To avoid this, you may want to ensure debt is refinanced so only the person obliged to pay has his or her name on the debt.

Divorce should provide a fresh start, and you do not want mistakes in the process to hinder your ability to move on and build a better future. Contact Zachary D. Smith, LLC, a leading divorce attorney in Cincinnati to successfully help you through such stressful times at 513-275-5367 or visit www.ZDSLaw.com for further information.


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