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When Can a Family Law Attorney Help?

Numerous situations exist where a family law attorney can help you. Everyone knows attorneys are expensive, but there are situations where you should not “do it yourself.” There are a number of circumstances where the counsel of a family law attorney is essential.

What Happens During Separation?

Family law attorneys are familiar with common issues that present themselves during separation. During a separation, many questions are raised. What about child custody? What about child support payments? What about the family home? Who lives there and who makes the mortgage payments? Many of these topics are legally complex and require an experienced, qualified family law attorney in Cincinnati, who can help craft an agreement during separation.

Hidden Assets

Sometimes during divorce proceedings, one party will hide assets. Perhaps one spouse transfers money to a brother with the idea that the asset will be transferred back after the divorce is finalized. Maybe one spouse delays exercising stock options to prevent them from becoming part of the marital estate. Hidden assets are an attempt to prevent a fair division of property. A family law attorney has access to professionals who may assist in locating hidden assets to ensure fairness in the divorce settlement.

A Modification of Alimony or Child Support

After a divorce, when alimony or child support is ordered, a change in circumstances may require a motion for a modification of alimony or child support. A party may have an increase or decrease in income. Either way, a family law attorney can help navigate the court process for adjusting support.

Do You Want to Establish Paternity?

Paternity is typically established at the time of birth. In ideal circumstances, both parents will be named on the birth certificate. However, sometimes a parent will need to use court process to establish paternity. A family law attorney can help with the court process to establish paternity and secure parental rights.

When You Think Your Spouse is Planning a Divorce

Sometimes one has a suspicion their spouse is planning a divorce. Divorce is often not a surprise to the parties involved. If you think your spouse is planning a divorce, securing your own qualified, experienced family law attorney is vital. You will need representation to protect your rights.

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