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Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

When you decide to get a divorce, choosing the right divorce attorney may feel overwhelming. Below are some tools to assist you in finding a divorce attorney that will meet your needs.

Interview Attorneys

Trust is one of the main factors in choosing a qualified attorney. The best approach is to visit and interview more than one family law attorney. At some point during your divorce proceedings, you may find yourself overwhelmed, guided by emotion rather than common sense, or otherwise in a position where you need level headed counsel. Interview with an eye towards whether you and the potential lawyer communicate well and whether you believe you can trust them when you say, “I’m not sure what I should do.”

Look for an attorney who listens to your situation before determining the best course of action. You also want an attorney who has familiarity with different ways to resolve cases. Any attorney can litigate a divorce. However, attorneys open to mediation and collaborative law alternatives may better suit your needs.

Understand the Difference between Divorce Resolution Approaches

As we have written about before, there are a number of options for dispute resolution, including collaborative law, mediation, and litigation. Mediation and collaborative law approaches are both typically less expensive than litigation. Additionally, agreements made in mediation and collaborative law are reduced to writing, just as litigated court order are, however, the process and discussions leading to the resolution are private in collaborative law and mediation approaches. Litigation occurs in court, in public, with a record made for anyone to review if they are so inclined. Most people agree that it is in your best interest to seek an attorney who is at least open to the possibilities of mediation and collaborative law approaches.

You’d be surprised how many people ask the lawyer that did their will if they can handle their divorce, or some similar mismatch. While technically, any attorney licensed to practice law could take your divorce case, a divorce is too important to leave to someone who doesn’t regularly practice family law. If you are looking for a highly experienced and successful family law attorney in Cincinnati, OH, consider Zachary D. Smith, LLC. Zachary Smith dedicates his practice to family law issues. He is experienced as a family law mediator and serves as the co-president of the Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

To learn more about ZDS Law Firm and how we can successfully help you through this difficult time please visit www.ZDSLaw.com or contact Zachary D. Smith, LLC at (513) 275-1164 to schedule a consultation. Together we can determine if your case and our firm are a good fit.


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