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Three Approaches to Keeping Divorce Costs Down

Many people are surprised at the cost of getting divorced.  The following are suggestions that will help to keep costs lower.Consider Your Expectations

  1. Consider Your Expectations

    In a divorce, couples divide assets and debts, determine whether alimony is appropriate, determine the appropriate amount of parenting time for each parent, and evaluate appropriate child support.  Consider your expectations in each of these categories.  Consider the reasonableness of these expectations.  For example, if you want all the assets, none of the debts, lifelong alimony, and full custody of the children, this is going to be difficult (if not impossible) to negotiate.  The more reasonable your approach to resolving the relevant issues, the more quickly your divorce case will likely proceed to completion.

  2. Understanding that Every Divorce is Different

    If you enter into the divorce process expecting things to go the way they did for your friend Sara, or your Aunt Jane, you may be in for a surprise.  Every divorce case is different.  Base your expectations on what your divorce lawyer is telling you is reasonable, not on the advice of friends and family.  Rely on friends and family for your emotional support, but not for legal advice.

  3. Organization Matters

    As your divorce begins, your lawyer will ask you for documentation of certain things.  Provide the needed documentation quickly and in an organized fashion.  This allows your attorney to begin the process sooner than later.  Recall that divorce attorneys charge by the hour.  How many times do you want to pay your attorney to ask you for the same documents?  Once should be enough.

    Additionally, consider organizing your thoughts.  You can call your attorney every time a question pops into your head; however, this tends to get expensive.  Consider writing down your questions and waiting a few days.  Once you have allocated your questions, a single phone call to address a series of questions will suffice; especially in the long run.

Considering Divorce?

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