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How do you protect yourself in a complex divorce?

Any divorce may have its challenges, but complexity in the assets, a long marriage, issues involving children and having a reputation to protect can all add to those challenges. The more complex the marital estate, the more complex the divorce.

How do you equitably divide illiquid assets, inheritances, things you owned before the marriage, or assets that are difficult to value? For example, how do you divide the value of good will toward a family business? Are stock options and restricted stock units divisible? What mechanisms for valuation and division exist? Is it possible to divorce privately and without a drawn-out battle?

I am Zachary D. Smith, an Ohio family relations law specialist and family law practitioner serving Ohio and Kentucky. I have created a new white paper entitled “Navigating Complex Divorce: What To Think About When Disentangling A Marriage With Complex Assets.”

My background includes trial law as well as mediation and collaborative divorce. I know that problems are three-dimensional as opposed to two-sided. Real problem solving requires creativity and dedication – and it requires a thorough understanding of the law and what to expect from a litigated outcome.

How can you ensure you receive an equitable share of the property you worked so hard to acquire during your marriage? How can you improve your chances of a favorable parenting arrangement? And how can you keep your private business out of the public record?

This white paper can help you understand the process and concepts involved in characterizing assets as marital or non-marital, dividing the most complex types of assets, addressing your child custody concerns and managing your reputation as you divorce.

This complementary white paper is included here to make it easy for you to get the answers you need. I encourage you to review the white paper to learn more.


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