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Breaking Down Divorce Appeals In Ohio

While not every divorce case goes to trial, some do. And sometimes, the judge gets it wrong. An appeal is an avenue for challenging the trial court decision and pursuing a different outcome.

At Zachary D. Smith, LLC, our team has extensive experience handling divorce appeals in Ohio. Our lead attorney is a certified family relations law specialist and an accomplished appellate lawyer. He has the in-depth legal know-how it takes to successfully navigate the challenges of an appeal.

Not all divorce lawyers handle appeals, and not all appellate lawyers handle divorce cases. We do both.

A Free Resource On Divorce Appeals

Appeals are complicated. They are very different from trial court proceedings, and missteps can cost you the opportunity to have your case considered.

Our law firm recently published a white paper breaking down the basics of divorce appeals in Ohio. It’s called “Divorce Appeals In Ohio: What To Know When The Judge Gets It Wrong.” We’ve made it available for free so that you can learn more about your options and the process. Our hope is that it will give you a better foundation of knowledge about divorce appeals – both so that you know what to expect during the process and so that you know what to look for in selecting an appellate attorney.

You can download the white paper on our website and share it with others.


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