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Free SlideShare presentation on divorce appeals in Ohio

It’s an unfortunate reality that judges don’t always get things right. If your divorce case resulted in a problematic outcome, it may be worth exploring an appeal. The appellate process is an avenue for obtaining a higher court’s review of the judge’s decision. While it’s not a “do-over,” it is a valuable opportunity for overturning a wrong decision.

Appeals aren’t surefire, and they are limited in many ways. It’s critical to work with an experienced attorney such as those at Zachary D. Smith, LLC. Our lawyers are highly familiar with not only divorce appeals, but also divorce cases at the trial court level. This well-rounded experience gives us a thorough understanding of what it takes to pursue a successful appeal.

A free legal resource on divorce appeals

We recently published a free legal resource on divorce appeals – a white paper entitled “Divorce Appeals In Ohio: What To Know When The Judge Gets It Wrong.” It breaks down the basics of divorce appeals, including common grounds for appeal and limitations on the appellate court’s ability to overturn decisions. You can download it for free on our website.

We have also prepared a SlideShare presentation summarizing key points from the paper. You can view it below.


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