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Navigating Complex Divorce: Disentangling A Marriage With Complex Assets

While divorce always comes with challenges, both emotional and financial, couples with more complex assets will face unique hurdles when it comes to property division. Complex assets include illiquid, inherited, premarital or difficult-to-value assets such as:

  • Investment real estate
  • Businesses and business interests
  • Stock options
  • Restricted stock units
  • Long-term incentive plans

Adding to the complexities are issues such as characterization of marital vs. separate property, the length of the marriage and more.

How can you make sure you get your fair share? What are the mechanisms for dividing complex assets? Is it possible to divide them without a drawn-out battle with your spouse?

Learn About Protecting Yourself In A Complex Divorce By Reading This Free Publication

At Zachary D. Smith, LLC in Cincinnati, we have earned a reputation for applying creativity to overcome complexity and reach positive outcomes in divorce cases involving substantial and unique asset loads. We have created a white paper on the subject, entitled “Navigating Complex Divorce: What To Think About When Disentangling A Marriage With Complex Assets.”

The white paper is free to download and read. It includes information about:

We encourage you to review our white paper to learn more. You can also view the SlideShare below for a high-level overview of the topic.

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